Mother’s Day Gift with Purchase

As an incentive to spend more and save more, Avenue shoppers were invited to visit The Avenue management office to redeem a free gift card, when presenting receipts from any store or restaurant at The Avenue equaling $150 or more. To redeem, shoppers were asked to present their receipts and to join the A List for special deals.  Shoppers started to drop by as early as 12 PM.

This was a great opportunity to promote our upcoming It’s in the Bag campaign and for promotional distribution of store & restaurant bounce back coupons. In addition, several stores & restaurants participated by providing swag items and giveaways. We tracked close to $22,000 in spending with an individual average expenditure per gift of $252 and per person average expenditure of $409 with many new A-list members signing up.

Historically, Mother’s Day gift card promotions have a high expenditure for The Avenue Lifestyle Centers. Highest expenditures we’ve seen to date for a Gift with Purchase, although not the largest participation. Highest individual receipts came from Springfree Trampoline deposits of $1500 and Simply Mac purchases.